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Bone Healing

Radiographic Union Scoring Scale for Determining Consolidation Rates in the Calcaneus.
The reliable evaluation of osseous consolidation after hindfoot osteotomy can be difficult. Concomitant hindfoot osteotomies often dictate the advancement of weightbearing, and radiographs are the mainstay imaging tool owing to cost, efficiency, and radiation exposure....Read More

Development of a Radiographic Union Score for Determining Osteotomy Union Rates in Long Bones of the Foot.
Determining the status of bone healing after osteotomy can be challenging and has implications ranging from clinical decision-making to standardization of research outcomes without the use of computed tomography. To date, no method has been validated for determining osseous healing of an osteotomy site of the long bones of the foot....Read More

Healing in the new millennium: bone stimulators: an overview of where we've been and where we may be heading.
Electromagnetic fields and their uses in bone healing have been fairly well studied, with most results showing improvement in healing of both bone and cartilage. Most supportive data are found in relation to the spine, femur, and tibia, but there is increasing evidence for its use in the foot and ankle for treatment of nonunions and as an adjunctive device in arthrodeses, particularly in high-risk populations.....Read More