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Dr. Philip Basile

Dr. Philip Basile

Chief, Division of Podiatric Surgery, Mount Auburn Hospital

Faculty, Harvard Medical School

About Dr. Philip Basile

Dr. Philip Basile specializes in deformity correction and sports medicine related to foot and ankle pathology. He provides the highest level of care to his patients by combining innovative techniques with proven methods to meet an individual’s needs. As an athlete himself, Dr. Basile understands the athletic drive to return to activity as efficiently as possible. Dr. Basile believes that quality and performance don’t start and finish in the operating room; rather that a complete patient experience is the foundation to improving health. From the initial consultation to the end of treatment Dr. Basile works with his patients to achieve their objectives. There’s more to Dr. Basile than expertise and compassionate care, he is also a leader in foot and ankle care.


Dr. Basile is currently an attending podiatric surgeon and Chief of the Podiatric Surgery division at the Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Prior to this position, he was the Chief of Podiatry at the Beth Israel Hospital and later, director of the Harvard Podiatric Reconstruction and Research Fellowship. Dr. Basile is a Clinical Instructor in Surgery at Harvard Medical School.


Dr. Basile provides treatment across the continuum of lower limb conditions, ranging from heel pain to bunion correction. Dr. Basile is well versed in conservative treatment of sports and repetitive stress injuries and can prescribe custom orthotics for a variety of conditions. His surgical expertise includes flatfoot reconstruction, ligament repair, fracture management, and even nerve entrapment. Dr. Basile is also well versed in the most technically demanding procedures such as revision surgery and minimally invasive techniques. He is certified by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery and is a Fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons. He is a nationally regarded lecturer on topics ranging from reconstructive foot surgery to orthobiologic agents. He is a widely respected authority in issues ranging from reconstructive foot surgery to orthobiologic agents and has lectured on these topics in national and international venues.


Dr. Basile obtained his doctorate from the Iowa College of Podiatric Medicine. His post-graduate education spanned a four year period that included residency and fellowship training. His residency training occurred at the New England Deaconess Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. Upon completion, he pursued specialized training in limb salvage techniques through a fellowship at the New England Deaconess Hospital and Joslin Diabetes Center, both affiliated with Harvard Medical School. Dr. Basile has obtained advanced training in complex deformity management and traumatic care throughout the United States and Russia.


Dr. Basile believes that in order to provide the best patient care a physician has to constantly educate themselves. To that end, Dr. Basile frequently participates in scientific conferences to keep abreast of the changes in medicine. He also contributes to the expansion of medical knowledge with a robust academic resume. His primary research interests are in clinical outcomes particularly as they relate to improved patient results. Throughout the years his research has included limb salvage, optimal fixation methods, and early return to ambulation to name a few. His bibliography is expansive and includes book chapters, review articles, and original research. His current research interests include flatfoot surgery, soft tissue augmentation, and minimally invasive techniques. Dr. Basile is a consultant, scientific presenter and design surgeon for Wright Medical Technology, Inc.

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